Luke Chadwick 3

An Art Student visits the Horsforth Arts Society

Luke Chadwick, a Leeds Art Student, as part of his course, was required to host a workshop. Horsforth Arts Society have been lucky enough to benefit from this. Luke introduced to about a dozen members, over the course of two consecutive Thursday afternoons, the possibility of making their own abstract paintings. Above and below are photographs illustrating the sessions

Best wishes for the future and thanks go to Luke, after a a very enjoyable couple of afternoons

Luke Chadwick





The Horsforth Arts Society Spring Exhibition April 2018

Below are some photos of the Spring Exhibition 2018



Horsforth Arts Society Extra Club Sessions

being the Saturdays   14th April, 19th May, 16th June and 21st July

from 10am

Those being the third Saturdays of each month.




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